Festival Facts 
Dates & Times:
Saturdays, Sundays and Memorial Day Monday, April 10 - May 31, 2010
10:00AM - 7:00PM

Ticket Prices:

Regular Admission: $21.99 Adults, $8.50 Children (ages 5-12)
Children age 4 and under are free
Discount Tickets are available at Metroplex Tom Thumb and Austin area Randalls locations
Season Passes: $75.00 Adults, $20.00 Children (ages 5-12)
Friend of the Faire Memberships (Adults only): $135
Discount group and consignment programs are available

Annual Attendance:  200,000

Festival Facts:

  • Began in 1981
  • The Festival runs 8 consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Monday each spring
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance-themed festival based on the year 1533, during the reign of Englandís King Henry VIII
  • Scarborough Festival is a 35 acre 'village' (larger than most area shopping malls) within a 167 acre site
  • The festival employs more than 2,000 performers, artisans, food service people, grounds crew, and retail staff during the course of a season
  • The festival is a privately held company owned by the same two families since its inception.
  • Entertainment:

  • 21 stages with over 200 performances daily
  • 3 Full Combat Jousts take place each day
  • 150 primarily volunteer members of the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts make up the performing company that become the "characters" of Scarborough including our very own King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn
  • Daily Falconry demonstrations are conducted by John Karger of Last Chance Forever Wildlife Conservatory
  • Shoppes & Artisan Demonstrations:

  • 200 permanent shoppes feature unique handmade wares made by artisans from around the country
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival is one of the largest outdoor "juried" craft shows in the country
  • Each day, Artisans demonstrate ancient arts such as Glassblowing, Blacksmithing, Candlemaking, Printing on a Guttenberg Press, leather crafting, broomaking, Armor making, Coin minting, and much more
  • Hearty Food:

  • More than 20 tons of the Festivalís famous Giant Turkey Legs are devoured annually during the eight-weekend season
  • Non-traditional foods such as hand made pastas, seafood, stir fry, steak-on-a-stick, Scott's eggs, Italian Ice, etouffee, empanadas, fajitas, meatball sandwiches, baklava, quiche, pastries, and more than 60 other hearty foods make up the culinary adventure at Scarborough Renaissance Festival
  • Five Food Court Areas (kitchens) are strategically located throughout the festival, each offering a completely different menu selection
  • Seven Pubs and Taverns offer hearty ales, variety of beers, wine, mead, and frozen favorites
  • Special Programs:

  • Student Days at Scarborough Renaissance Festival are when more than 30,000 students and teachers visit on educational field trips during two days each May when the Festival is open exclusively to schools
  • You really can marry a knight in shining armor; more than 20 royal renaissance weddings are held during the festival each year


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